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Mentoring Video Training Package

Price: $999.00


The TradeRounds' stock trading course features:


  • Our core (3) video training package with over 2.5 hours of instruction, including Basics of Chart Reading, Floor Pivots, and Equivolume Charts. These videos provide the foundational knowledge for the TradeRounds modern Wyckoff trading method.  You will learn to see the hidden hand of institutions that drive stock prices. Smart money leaves fingerprints by their trading volume.  When you utilize our price-volume analysis techniques, you will execute trades based on high likelihood set-ups for profit.


  • Weekly chart study assignments (12 weeks).  Each week we assign 10 charts of major stocks to analyze.  In each case the outcome of a potential trade and the identity of the stock is hidden.  Students utilize lessons from the our video training package to project the direction of each stock.  During the following weekend, we offer a live webinar where we review the 10 charts as well as discuss our outlook/review charts for several major stocks for the coming trading week.  The webinar is archived and can be watched at any time by those unable to participate during the live broadcast.


  • The 12-week course is offered at only $999 and includes our video training package (a $300 value)