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Basics of Chart Reading

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This video provides the foundation knowledge to identify the trading direction of the big market players.

Easy to understand concepts and our case study before-after method reinforces learning.

Interpret charts/”tape read” with a modern adaptation of Wyckoff’s time-tested observations of the force of price movements.

Understand the construction of bar charts.

Recognizing strength and weakness within a price bar(s).

Learn to draw trendlines.

Identify key areas of support/resistance.

Avoid false moves that trap traders (springs/upthrusts).

Using price-volume relationships:

  • Identifying shifts in trading volume direction.
  • Identifying a direction for breakout during a price stall (absorption).
  • Identifying buyer/seller exhaustion.
  • Identifying climatic buying/selling that ends a move.

Our case study before-after teaching method will show you have to use bar chart reading in all time frames including day trading as well as for managing your long-term investments.