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Peter B. Richman MD MBA



Peter has been involved in trading stocks for over 20 years. He has studied with well-known Wyckoff method trader David Weis, utilizing the principles of volume analysis to identify the hidden hand of large traders, institutions, and the computers that drive the direction of stocks. Peter has adapted these techniques into a unique trading style that includes use of pivots, price bar analysis, and sophisticated charting methods such as equivolume, Renko, and P&F. These methods are applicable whether you are a day trader, a swing trader, a position trader, or a long-term investor.

Peter holds a Masters of business administration from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona. He was a co-founder of the internet firm MDChoice.com/ChoiceMedia.com that was acquired by major venture capital firms. Peter has been a strategic advisor to several successful medical device start-up technology companies. For several years, he ran a small investment advisory practice with a focus on physician clients.

Aside from his trading and business past, Peter brings a vast experience in education to help translate trading concepts into easy to understand materials.   For over 20 years, he has worked on the faculty at several prestigious institutions, including the Mayo Clinic and Texas A&M University College of Medicine where he has been involved in the didactic and clinical teaching of medical students and physician residents.




stock trading mentor



Ben Leeson MD



Ben grew up in Florida and was lucky enough to get multiple scholarships to the University of Central Florida. He also worked part-time jobs and lived at home. This gave him money to invest at a young age. After reading several “get rich quick” books he thought that investing in the stock market and futures market would be easy. He quickly learned that it was not. While he did not lose a significant amount of money, he certainly didn’t make money. Ben gave up on the stock market for a while and focused on school, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Biology and a minor in Mathematics.

Ben was accepted to medical school at Emory University and continued to focus on his studies. He met his wife there (a medical student in his class) and got married on campus after his third year. After graduation in 2002, Ben began emergency medicine residency at the University of Arizona. There, he met an entrepreneurial anesthesiology resident who rejuvenated his interest in investing. The anesthesiologist divulged that he was making more money investing than as a resident and shared a trading book list that renewed Ben’s interest in the market.

Once again, Ben began investing and trading with a small account. He based his trades on weekly charts since he had limited time to devote to trading during residency. In 2005, Ben completed residency and joined the faculty at U of A as an assistant professor. He remained a faculty member there for 3 years. In 2008, Ben joined the faculty at CHRISTUS Health|Texas A&M Emergency Medicine residency. He has been an associate program director for the last 4 years. He began aggressively investing in the market toward the end of the bear market in 2008. Each year, Ben and his wife’s retirement accounts multiplied from sound investments and regular deposits. Ben decided to spend more time learning about investing and trading so that he wouldn’t have to rely on financial advisors/”experts”.

In 2013 Ben received the “Faculty of the Year” award which is given to the one faculty member the residents feel has made the most impact in the program that year. He is routinely rated as one of the best teachers in the program. Ben has given multiple lectures on investing and the road to financial independence to practicing physicians and those in training.

Ben’s trading and investing experience has been influenced by several people. He has adapted and utilized methods and ideas from Alexander Elder,Kerry Lovvorn, Frank Ochoa, and Jason Kelly. He remains close to his mentor David Weis, the renowned Wyckoff expert and applies this methodology to analyze price action and volume. Ben utilizes stocks, futures, forex, and options to generate income, hedge and leverage his investments. Ben’s father John Leeson PhD and he develop software that identifies low risk trading opportunities and employs many of the concepts he has learned through his mentors and real-time trading. Ben enjoys sharing his experience with other traders/investors and looks forward to working with like-minded individuals to help them achieve their financial goals.


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