1. Affordable--comprehensive, self-paced, training videos without the expensive price tag
  2. Profit from your training--recognize big opportunities and identify periods where there is risk of significant loss to your investments
  3. Taught by lifelong professional educators--we understand how students learn and succeed

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  • Easy to understand concepts.
  • Before & after case study method.
  • False moves that trap traders.
  • Identify climatic buying/selling.


  • Learn the hidden price levels used by floor traders.
  • Identify key support & resistance levels.
  • Use pivots to let winning trades run.
  • Identify pivot conditions that predict a trading range.


  • A simple, visual way to read charts without indicators.
  • Charting method that incorporates price and volume.
  • Competitive edge.
  • Institutional fingerprints revealed.

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Basics of Chart Reading

This video provides the foundation knowledge to identify the trading direction of the big market players.

Easy to understand concepts and our case study before-after method reinforces learning.

Interpret charts/”tape read” with a modern adaptation of Wyckoff’s time-tested observations of the force of price movements.

Understand the construction of bar charts.


Floor Pivot Basics

Gain an edge on other traders by learning the hidden price levels that floor and institutional traders use in their stock analysis.

Use pivots to identify key support and resistance levels where stocks seem to magically move to like magnets.

Identify pivot conditions upon which traders should close a trade at a target.

Learn pivot conditions upon which traders should allow a trade to run for big profits


Equivolume Charts

Equivolume is a less well-known gem of a charting method that incorporates price and volume within the chart bars.

Trading with a less well known type of chart gives you an edge on the competition as you will easily observe price action from a perspective others don’t share.

Provides a simple, visual way to read charts without indicators.

It reveals the fingerprint of those large institutions that control the movement of stock prices


Value Package: Basics of Chart Reading, Floor Pivot Basics, and Equivolume Charts


Mentoring Package: One-on-one live teaching plus the Value Package Video Bundle

  • Value Package Videos
  • (5) 1-hour live one-on-one video mentoring sessions review lecture material, review current charts for stocks and markets using techniques from the curriculum
  • Limited number of students per month